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Fast & Furious

Two weeks ago cyclone Hud Hud hit the area. Gale force winds and pounding rain created a terrifying experience for everyone.

Some of our widows lost their homes and belongings. Loss of electricity in surrounding areas and impassable roads meant that all communication was cut off.

After several days we heard that all our widows and their families were safe. Our Indian team is now assessing the damage.
Life is unpredicatable and tough in this part of the world. In the rainy season from July - October there is always the threat of heavy rains and cyclones.
Many widows see their little homes destroyed and their belongings lost. Some never recover from the devastation.
The Widows Cause provides emergency relief in these situations.


Devastation Avoided

Last year a devastating cyclone hit the coastline of Andhra Pradesh. Forty six widows in Moolapetta lost everything but the clothes they were wearing.

History seemed to be repeating itself this September with torrential rain and flooding. The Widows' Cause hired two trucks for seven days at a cost of $100 per day.

Widows involved in small business where able to place all their possessions inside the trucks. Thankfully no huts or belongings were lost this time.

The 140 Widows affected are now back working.

They are incredibly grateful that life is getting back to normal. These widows have grabbed hold of the opportunity to start a small business and are running with it. How different life is now and they are prepared to work hard to turn the lives of their families totally around... ...incredibly resilient.


Traumatised Buffalo

In late August we purchased our second group of 10 buffalo. Torrential rains and treacherous roads extended the normal 1800km journey from Deli to ten days instead of seven.
It's no wonder the buffalo were wild-eyed and extremely nervous and unable to cope with an open space.

We were forced to build a temporary shed to house them until they adjusted. Two months later mothers and babies are thriving and milk production is up.
It's very encouraging that The Widows cause is now self-sustaining. 180 frail widows are been fed on the 1st of each month.
Salaries for our two herdsmen running the buffalo farm are covered, as are the salaries of 2 supervisors who oversight our small business opportunities for younger widows.
Shed extensions on the buffalo farm have been completed and awaiting the arrival of our next 10 buffalo.