The Widows Cause : Quarterly Update 08


The Widows’ Cause team are ecstatic that the first group of 33 widows in Indore were financed into small businesses through a repayable loan scheme in late April as seen in the photos below.

We all deserve a healthy future but these widows like so many have just been SURVIVING.  In order to THRIVE they need the chance to make a living. The vision of TWC is to provide an opportunity for a healthier future in every sense.  Our hope is that each widow will grasp it, run with it and in time break the crippling cycle of poverty in her life.
We are fully committed to their well being.

In March along with the leadership team in Indore the widows participated in a 2 day training event.  Here they learnt the benefits of working in a team, accountability, what is micro-enterprise development and bookkeeping.
Training and supervision will be ongoing for the length of the loan.
The widows have been given initial loans that range from $200 – $250 depending on their business.  There is the understanding that when a loan is repaid should they want to expand their business there would be the possibility of a further loan after assessment.



Aged 40 and widowed five years ago has been working long hours for little income as a field labourer to support her three children.  Life has been very tough.  Although there will be no immediate income from her newly acquired goat business that will change in the future.  Goats give birth twice a year and are very valuable for their meat, milk and offspring.

Aged 32 and widowed just six months ago. She is the mother of four and is desperate to provide a stable future for her kids.  She has been working in a bottle re-cycling plant for $2 per day.  She has started a vege stall with her repayable loan and we will be cheering her on all the way.

Aged 70 and widowed just six months ago is in another season of life.  She has two grown children and trying to survive on a Government pension of $3 per month.  TWC is delighted to offer her this business opportunity of raising hens and selling off their eggs.  It will provide a steady income and also peace of mind.

Aged 58 and widowed eight years ago is the mother of five children.  Life has been busy and the future bleak.  Jeeja will work hard at making her vege stall a success, thus providing a regular income for her large family.
Aged 38 was deserted by her husband ten years ago. She has been working hard in a sewing sweatshop to provide a living for herself and child. Heera is a natural leader in her community and well respected.  With her loan she is starting up a small interlocking business and hopes to expand in time.
We have another group of around 30 widows outside of Indore that are awaiting this same opportunity.  TWC will be looking to do that in the next three months.  There is also a group of 50 widows in Chennai that are being assessed at this present time.  TWC will be looking to start up a project in that city as details come to hand.
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