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Buffalo Farm + Milking machine

The Widows' Cause started up a buffalo farm in December last year with 10 buffalo to provide regular income which is now feeding 85 widows each month. There is a shortage of over 1,000,000 litres of buffLo milk daily in this area, so is a very viable concern. It has also provided employment for two local herdsmen and is a real talking point in the local community.

BLISTERED FINGERS - LOWER BACK PROBLEMS all go with the job. Below is Srinu a gentle giant and our chief herdsman who is doing a great job. We are expanding our farm with another 10 buffalo in 2 months which will enable us to feed greater numbers of frail widows. 
A milking machine is needed, which will make life easier and eliminate the need to hire 2 more herdsmen as we expand.
The Widows Cause needs to RAISE. $1500 to do this.
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It’s here!

AT LAST our website is up and running......exciting.
What started as a simple feeding program to feed 37 very needy desperate widows in India in 2010 has grown to impacting some 245 widows and over 160 children. It is absolutely turning their lives around and giving hope and purpose for the future.

We can't change the world, but can CHANGE their world one by one, village by village and community by community. 

I'm very thankful to Matt, Philip and Andrew who played a large part in bringing this website together.