In 2010 a plea for help came through from the village of Uppada in Andra Pradesh India. A cyclone had left 37 widows homeless and destitute.

Gay Canham felt challenged to do something about this sad situation and quickly established a feeding program. This continued on a monthly basis for 2 years.

In 2012 Gay and her friend Tara Harrison went over to India to see what could be done on a more permanent basis. We wanted to give these widows an OPPORTUNITY not CHARITY to break the poverty cycle in their lives and so The Widows’ Cause was birthed.

Later on that year our first group of younger widows were financed into their own small businesses with a clear repayment scheme in place. In June of 2015 The Widows’ Cause entered into partnership with The Global Development Group. This enables The Widows’ Cause to provide tax deductibility on all donations.

Global has a wealth of experience across many countries and great resources that will be invaluable to The Widows’ Cause in the coming years. They also have a representative on the ground in India, MV Thomas who will monitor all future projects.

By early 2016 The Widows’ Cause had impacted the lives of 400 widows and their dependents through feeding programs and MED opportunities. A decision was made to seek new opportunities elsewhere in India.

Indore in Central India is a city of 3,000,000 people. It has a number of lepers living in small colonies in the city and surrounding areas. In April of 2017 The Widows Cause financed through repayable loans the first group of 33 widows into small businesses opportunities in this city.

We are wanting to break the poverty cycle in their lives, giving them hope, purpose and a much brighter future. Plans are underway for a second group of widows to receive the same opportunity in the near future.

Chennai in the south of India is a bustling city of 9,800,000 people. The Widows Cause will be working with a very experienced team and believe they can impact the lives of many widows in that city. The team continues to have a very strong commitment and passion to radically change the lives of many widows in desperate need.

Australian Team


The team brings different strengths and skills to the table.

  • Imparting and driving the vision.
  • Creativity in promoting the vision.
  • Business skills and procedures and processes.
  • Development of strategy for community engagement and support.
  • Attention to small detail.
  • Experience with cross-cultural challenges.

What they all possess is a commitment and passion to radically impact the lives of widows in desperate need.

Indian Team


MV Thomas has been involved in humanitarian projects in India for over 25 years. He has been Global Development’s Indian representative for 10 years. He travels throughout India every year monitoring Global projects. As you know The Widow’s Cause is in partnership with The Global Development Group.

MV has extensive experience in financial matters, monitoring, micro-enterprise and agricultural/farming projects. He will work closely alongside TWC and advise and monitor any projects we get involved in.