From our last Quarterly Update here are some of the lives we heard about.


Tikkada Nagamani aged 29 was married to an alcoholic. He died in 2013 as a result of excessive drinking. Tikkada was all alone with her two little boys aged 3 and 4. She was devastated to the point of contemplating suicide as she saw no way forward for her and her two sons. Tikkada heard about the help the Widows’ Cause provides, and hoped they would assist her.
We did.
Last year she was financed into a business; “breakfast on the run”. She is doing amazingly well, and has great hope for her sons’ future and hasn’t looked back. – fabulous.

Slave Labour

Pukkalla Ratnam is 37 with two sons 9 and 7. Her husband was the sole provider for the family but he died in a fishing accident at sea in 2009. Pukkalla was overwhelmed by the challenge of trying to provide for her young sons. She worked as a housemaid in a wealthy home from morning till night for less than $1 a day. Life was tough and exhausting. The Widows’ Cause financed her into a fish business. Everyday she is out selling fish and making more money than she could have ever imagined. The future is bright – wonderful.











Inconsolable Grief

Rachapalli Nooka Ratnam is 33 and the mother of 2 girls aged 13 and 14. Her husband died from kidney failure in 2012 because her family couldn’t afford dialysis. This once happy family suffered much as they saw a husband and father waste away. His death was an indescribable loss. Rachapalli had some tailoring skills and the Widows’ Cause was able to assist her in buying a second hand sewing machine and all the necessary materials needed. Today Rachapalli is much happier because of her sewing business has given her and her girls hope and a way forward. – so encouraging.